Bespoke lash adhesive is available in Clear, but we have the Black version of the product coming soon!


Bespoke lash adhesive is definitely for experienced, super-fast lash artists.  With a 0.2-0.5 second lash adhesive that has a super-thin viscosity, you can use a little more adhesive for clients with retention issues without it turning white.  We've found it to be a huge plus!!


Many artists have found it helpful to use a glue ring to work with this product! Forget a jade stone or any other method that will slow down the time from the ring to the natural lash.


Important to note: This adhesive will give best results in 32% RH (Relative Humidity) and at room temperatures of 21 degrees celsius.


Bespoke will help you avoid "stickies", but ONLY IF you separate the natural lashes properly! We ca't stress this enough because if you don’t separate the natural lashes correctly, then no product will magically separate lashes on its own.


Bottom line: If you want a fast lash adhesive, this is the lash adhesive for you!

Bespoke Lash Extension Adhesive - Clear

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