This is for the expert lash artists. Low fumes and it works on clients who ALWAYS tear, without any issues.  For use with classic, hybrid or volume lashes. If you are working at the OPTIMUM humidity, this adhesive works at an incredible speed. From the adhesive to the lash and you have instant adhesion. No more stickies to work with, thus saving your time.  An artist should always go back and check if separating any lashes in needed, just in case, but you will LOVE with this adhesive!


  • For Experienced Lash Professionals
  • Drying time 1-2 seconds
  • Lasts 5/6 week or until end of lash cycle
  • Rich Dark Black Thin consistency
  • Low, low, low fumes
  • Great for sensitive clients
  • Works Best in 20 – 50% humidity


I have seen the BEST retention when the humidity is kept at these levels. I have clients coming back a week later than was usual for them before when the humidity is kept at these levels. The adhesive works at lower humidities BUT I don’t feel I get the same amazing results when it is that low. I invested in a humidifier to keep the levels correct for this glue as it works amazingly well. Refrigerate up to 6 months safely.

London Brows Lash Adhesive, Black Low Humidity

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